Corporate Team Building


The growing demand for improvement in team performance leads to the need of better and more dynamic activities to increase communication and active participation among all members.

4x4 Challenge

The best way to discover culture, tradition and cuisine of each region.

The goal of this activity is above all to improve group cohesion in a playful and fun way with some competitive spirit.

Each team will have available a Jeep and driver and will receive before leaving all the necessary material for the activity: a Road Book and instructions.

This activity is adaptable to different regions and environments and is made with 4x4 UMM driv by our staff.

Participants will have a very active role indicating to the driver the directions and instructions in the Road Book provided at the beginning of the activity.

Along the way there will be stops with relevant historical, cultural, gastronomic or landscape interest, where the participants will collect various items.

Rotas do Oeste - Challenge 4x4
Rotas do Oeste - Team Building Games

Team Building Games

We prepared a set of activities with different specifications to raise the levels of cooperation and confidence inside the teams.

We cover a variety of activities accessible to all and designed for those looking for a unique and intense challenge on several levels.

We keep alive the tradition taking the elements to remember many of the activities of his childhood, now adapted to the business context as a group facilitator.

The type of games can be quite diverse, being common the use of pools, inflatables or different types of objects and materials for their realization.

Imagine yourself to challenge your friends or employees to a healthy competition with various themes in which the victory only depends on the skill and commitment of all.


A quite popular GPS guidance activity easily adaptable to various locations and themes.

We created a path to custom "caches" where the goal is to win the challenge bringing together the largest number of points.

Points are obtained by collecting objects (pens, neck ribbons, pencils, etc.) or food products (regional wines, cheeses and pastries) existing in caches, hidden in different locations.

"Quiz" Games

General knowledge or fully customized quiz with various themes inspired by popular contest formats such as "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."

The game dynamics give to work meetings or a group dinners a moment of relaxation and leisure appealing to the participation of all group members.

Great way to establish interaction and strengthen the links between the whole team.


"Talent wins games, but only team work wins championships.”